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SeeingHumanPictures - Sheila Jordan: filmmaker, writer, actress SeeingHumanPictures - Pender Island, BC

Sheila lives on Pender Island, BC, Canada; a small island situated in the southern Gulf Islands, just across the border from the American San Juan Islands. The Gulf Islands enjoy a Mediterreanean climate, rare in Canada. Pender Islanders enjoy a rural lifestyle with lots of waterfront. Sheila's been known to spend time at Medicine Beach with her girls and hound.

If you'd like to get a fix on the Penders (two, yes, two islands with a connecting bridge over a canal) take a boo at the Pender Community Hall (where I've appeared onstage a few times) web site and the comprehensive Pender Info site. If you'd like to see the natural side of North & South Pender Islands visit some of our parks, both Capital Regional District Parks and National Parks of Canada. One popular activity is kayaking along the shorelines and in amongst the islands.

Of course there are many artists living in this paradise. Many you'll find in the Pender Creatives web site.

Being a filmmaker I love to spend a bit of time surfing short film sites. A few of my favourites are: