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SeeingHumanPictures - Sheila Jordan: filmmaker, writer, actress SeeingHumanPictures - Pender Island, BC

Sheila Jordan is SeeingHumanPictures. As a writer/director Sheila has always made films about the human condition; from documentaries about First Nations people fighting for the right to exist and prosper on their own territory to a feature length screenplay about lesbian love late in life.

Sheila's stories and films reflect how she Sees that being Human is the ultimate gift. Sheila is an award-winning documentarian and screenwriter. Her documentary, "No Surrender" aired on the Discovery Channel and was nominated for Best Humane and Social Documentary at the Golden Panda Awards in Sichuan. She directed her award-winning short script "Kathleen's Closet" in the fall of 2004. This National Screen Institute Drama Prize winner will be airing on the CBC in 2005.

As an actor she has played such theatrical roles as Hedda, in Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler", Viola in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", and her award-winning role as Constance Ledbelly in Ann-Marie MacDonald's "Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet". Her trip to Greece, as Shirley in Willy Russell's "Shirley Valentine", was extraordinary! Read more about Sheila Jordan, actress and theatre director here.

"I am so grateful for this life and this work. You are all an inspiration to me."

Sheila has lived on Pender Island since 1995 with her two daughters Alexandra (Allie) and Rowyn (Rowie) George.

Kathleen's Closet, a film by Sheila Jordan, Canadian filmmaker

Kathleen's Closet
Kathleen's Closet Pender Island Premiere at the Community Hall on March 4th,
2006 with 140 people in attendance! The Kathleen's Closet screening raised
$1000 to go towards the cancer fund for Genie-Award winning actress Babz
Chula who plays Kathleen. Thank you Pender Island!

Sheila Jordan on the Kathleen's Closet set


The Women in Film Festival, BC in association with the Women in Film and Television International Short Film Showcase wishes to congratulate Sheila Jordan, writer/director of "Kathleen's Closet" who won the WIFVV Outstanding Woman in Her Field Award, in addition to The Cold Reading Series Award for Best Screenplay. Kathleen's Closet also wins The Cineclix fast track distribution agreement Award. Kathleen's Closet was co-produced by WIFVV member Diana Wilson.

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