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Lyle Hamer with one of his Crane metal sculptures on South Pender Island, BC
Lyle Hamer, sculptor & designer
with one of his metal sculpture Cranes
on South Pender Island, BC

Living on Pender Island for the past 15 years, Lyle Hamer has designed homes and renovations and created art and functional sculpture for home and garden.
In his shop, Lyle machines and fabricates metal sculpture, furnishings and architectural fixtures. His unique talent is in creating three dimensional form with a minimum of material. His sculpture is often made more lively by the play of wind or humans! Lyle also creates furnishings combining metal and wood in simple and elegant designs.

Over his lifetime, Lyle has designed and built sets for theatre, TV and film; made clothing and jewelry; worked as a professional musician; built concrete tilt-up buildings; designed and built computer controlled equipment; and met wife Shelley Easthope while conducting psycho-neurological research. He spent 25 years in the construction industry, and draws on his wealth of practical experience in designing beautiful and functional spaces and creating innovative solutions to design challenges. Lyle has special talent for creating functional spaces with environmental integrity.

Living on Pender Island near the nature reserve of Medicine Beach, Lyle is conscious of the impact made on environment as a result of choices in style, materials, size and shape of a structure. Please contact us for consultation and design work on large or small projects--from homes to garden sculpture to metal finishing details..

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Ritual Space Design
Lyle Hamer

5823 Schooner Way
Pender Island, B.C., Canada
V0N 2M2

Phone: (250) 629-3036