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Lyle Hamer, Ritual Space Design, Pender Island, BC
Table Gong

Gongs, made from re-cycled pressure vessels chosen and cut for their tone, are beautifully set, to create functional and fun sculpture. Perhaps a dinner bell, door bell, or a bell for special announcements.....find the gong that is perfect for you.

How can Lyle's talent enhance your home or workspace?

Table Gong by Lyle Hamer Table Gong by Lyle Hamer
Guitar Gong by Lyle Hamer Guitar Gong by Lyle Hamer Guitar Gong by Lyle Hamer

If something in these pages takes your fancy, inspires an idea, or just makes you want to see more...
come to our gallery at:
5823 Schooner Way, Pender Island, B.C.
Open when the sign is out, or make an appointment by calling 250-629-3036.

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Ritual Space Design
Lyle Hamer

5823 Schooner Way
Pender Island, B.C., Canada
V0N 2M2

Phone: (250) 629-3036