Joanna Roger's mixed media artwork Under Wrap
Joanna Rogers, fibre art and mixed media artworks

Fibre Art and Mixed Media

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Joanna Rogers, fibre art and mixed media artworks
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Dominoe's Roman Armour, mixed media artwork © Joanna Rogers Farmer's Daughter's Dress, mixed media artwork © Joanna Rogers
Dominoes Roman Armour
Farmer's Daughter's Dress
Tumbling Cube Cope, mixed media artwork © Joanna Rogers Old Man's Apron detail, mixed media artwork © Joanna Rogers
Tumbling Cube Cope
Old Maid's Apron
installation of Under Wraps, mixed media artwork © Joanna Rogers
Under Wraps - Redressing History
(installation views)

Under Wraps - Redressing History

Under Wraps - Redressing History is a textile-based exhibit acting as a reminder that although women are absent from most written histories, they played an important part in all aspects of life. In this exhibit, clothes are used to represent history and quilting patterns represent the role of women in history. The stitch becomes a symbol for the written word.

Quilting played a huge role in the lives of women in nineteenth century America. It was often their sole means of expression and allowed them to air their political and personal views. Inspiration for the complex patterns the women designed for their quilts was to be found in all aspects of the world around them.

Traditional quilts and the patterns they contain told stories; about the women's lives, about individual experiences, about shared ideals and common goals. The pieces in this show also contain hidden stories and secret messages: The Cope and Shawl talk about the disappearing salmon stocks off the BC coast. The Armour and Dress talk about the futility of war. The Coptic Tunic and Kaftan tell the story of archaeologists destroying unearthed textiles in their frenzy to find gold, jewels and other items of 'value'.

The pieces in this exhibit are constructed using traditional surface design techniques and all include a fabric element. However, a major component of these pieces is bubble wrap. The bubble wrap I have used is all recycled, like the fabric used in traditional quilts. I have melted and painted it so that it is hardly recognizable in some pieces. I have also used photographs, which are reminiscent of the material used in friendship and mourning quilts. They evoke memories of people, places and times gone by.

Under Wraps - Redressing History has been shown in public galleries and artist-run centres in British Columbia, Ontario and Ohio.


Joanna Rogers
Fibre Art and Mixed Media
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