Joanna Roger's new mixed media artworks
Joanna Rogers, fibre art and mixed media artworks

Fibre Art and Mixed Media

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Same, Same but Different

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Joanna Rogers, fibre art and mixed media artworks
01SoftShellsForHardTimes.png The Philosopher's Laboratory - The Birth of an Idea

Soft Shells for Hard Times

The Philosopher's Laboratory

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Prairie Detail


Each work is a miniature cabinet of curiosities...Tiny bottles containing assemblages of natural and manufactured specimens. Each holding a secret and a cure. Each providing a promise and a hope.

Shibori Dreams

These pieces incorporate ancient Japanese techniques of tie dying on silk to create texture and depth.


Moonlight on Boundary Pass Salvage I

The Island I live On

"The Island I Live On" consists of 6 abstract pieces inspired by specific locations on Pender Island. They are close to home, as in The Garden at Whalepointe and Moonlight on Boundary Pass, or places I walk through regularly with my dog, Lupin, as in The Heart Trail and Shingle Bay or places that have imprinted on my mind as in The Spalding Valley and Clam Bay Cliff. They celebrate the natural beauty of Pender Island and reflect how grateful I am to live here.


Salvage I

is the first in a series of pieces based on textiles found at the thrift store on Pender Island. The blue and white woven fabric at the top of this piece was a great find. Its value lives on despite having been discarded by its original owner/maker. The Salvage series will explore ideas of persistence and transformation


Joanna Rogers
Fibre Art and Mixed Media
9929 Southlands Drive, South Pender Island, BC V0N 2M3
250 629 3550

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